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Consciously design relationship spaces - new important information for you


My dears! Nice that you're taking a look. Today I would like to talk to you about a fascinating topic: the conscious design of relationship spaces.Performance

For everyone who doesn't know me yet:

My name is Litsa. I do body and healing work. And, I don't know if you've noticed, but the topics I'm bringing to you here have changed a lot with the turn of the year. And there is a reason for that. I realized how special my path to love was.

Especially because I simply refused to accept love for a long time for various reasons. And especially because the universe kept sending me hints that love could exist after all.

That's why I know exactly what difference a life with and without love makes, I've tried so many patterns to keep myself away from love. In the end I decided on love. And that changed my life.

Yes, and that's why I'm sitting here now trying to help you integrate love more into your life. Because I just know what a difference it makes!

The importance of relationship spaces:

Exactly - enough about me now, let's start with the relationship spaces:

So first of all, an explanation:

A relationship space is a kind of field in which all the energies that everyone involved consciously or unconsciously brings into the relationship are contained.

And these energies have a very strong effect on the relationship.

On how it flows, how you behave towards the other person and how you feel in the relationship. And this relationship space exists for the relationship with yourself, with all the people in your life, but also, for example, with nature or the universe. That's why these relationship spaces are very, very important because they have a direct effect on how we treat each other.

And one key aspect that's really important to this is a

Authentic and loving communication.

Why is communication so important in love?

Oh well

  • It is our way of communicating thoughts, feelings and needs.

  • We understand each other and have a healthy emotional connection.

  • Depending on the quality, we prevent or create misunderstandings

  • We can resolve conflicts

  • we don't feel left alone.

  • But for me the most essential component is conveying your truth to someone.

My path to authentic communication

Well, in any case, I didn't understand what it meant to communicate authentically for a long time. It took me a lot of time to realize that communication means much more than just talking to each other. And then again until I got up the courage to do it. (Ok, not quite that long)

That means:

With your Authentic Communication you create a space in which you are present and present as you are, with what you feel, with all your wants and needs, with all your hurts and all your lights. And radiate it, unabashedly.

Let that sink in and see how it makes you feel, that's quite a lot!

Of course there are trade-offs. When I talk to the waiter in a restaurant, it's a different level of openness than when I'm with a partner.

But basically you also have a relationship with yourself, and that's always important.

And ideally, of course, everyone else involved in the relationship is also present in this way.

That's why communication is such an important part of consciously shaping relationship spaces.

And I can't emphasize enough how important it is to consciously create this space. I'll explain why here:

Unconscious patterns and energies:

I think most people create this space largely unconsciously. You enter into a relationship and react to situations, positive or negative. It then becomes like a ping pong ball. There is an input to which you react and in doing so you provide input for the other person. You expect certain things and when they are not fulfilled, you often react with your hurt inner child. This then leads to simmering conflicts, things left unsaid and even the sabotage of a relationship.

The inner child is of course also important in the relationship, but you should take care of your inner child yourself, decipher its language and begin to understand it. Because very often it really has an important message for us. But going into this in more detail here would go beyond the scope. Therefore continue:

Do you know that? Do you want to change something specific in a relationship, address it, behave differently and assert yourself, but something keeps pushing you into the same position? These are the unconscious energies in the relationship.

So if you fill up the space unconsciously, it could be that there are energies floating around that are making things really, really difficult for you in the relationship and we don't want that.

Cleansing and recharging the relationship space:

The positive thing is that you can cleanse this space and recharge it energetically with all the things that are important to you in the relationship.

Such as, love, peace, equal communication and the like.

Of course, the room will gradually recharge with what everyone involved brings to the relationship. That`s why it also needs healing sometimes.

And there is also a small trap, because sometimes you can find energies from people who are not even in this relationship.

These could be, for example:

  • Ancestors and family members and their relationship patterns that influence us.

  • People who see this relationship from the outside and get involved for different reasons - it doesn't have to be direct and conscious.

  • Collective opinions, television and movies that paint a certain picture about relationships

But these things can also be cleared up with healing work.

So again, you can cleanse, heal and recharge this space - and this means you can really make conscious decisions in the relationship instead of following unconscious patterns and energies.

And like everywhere else, here too we are very powerful beings and we can charge this space with our actions. With the things that are important to us in a relationship.

So how do we charge this space?

  • with the decisions we make in the relationship.

  • With the values we bring into a relationship

  • With the quality with which we do things together

  • With feelings and emotions that we consciously or unconsciously bring into the relationship

  • With the way we see each other and ourselves

  • With the way we communicate with each other.

Conscious decisions and actions:

So what else is needed - apart from energy work - to consciously shape the relationship space?

  • Sometimes the first priority is to decide whether this relationship is even worth doing and investing in.

  • But the relationship that is definitely worth it is the one with yourself. Because you always have that at all times and no matter who else is present.

  • It requires deciding what quality you want to enter into a relationship with. Of course, we all have many thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout the day. But if you fundamentally see love as the basis of a relationship, then you give the whole thing a certain quality.

  • It requires you to be clear with yourself about what you really feel and want. This is sometimes the not so easy part, because certain patterns and fears often prevent you from seeing for yourself what is going on. If you are afraid of losing the other person or being judged, your subconscious may hide your needs from yourself.

  • it requires the courage to stand by it. Being truly honest, knowing who you really are, standing by what you want and expect, can perhaps lead to a relationship falling apart. This isn't easy sometimes, it pushes a lot of trigger points and requires a lot of self-care. It's a process

  • It requires talking about it with your counterpart on an equal level. Without blame or expectations that your own needs will actually be met. These are often very constructive conversations

  • it requires making a decision about how you want to proceed after the conversation, or not

  • and it requires the courage and consistency to actually do what you set out to do.

And all of this shows how much we have it in our own hands. You decide largely on the quality of your relationship. For example, if you simply imagine that the person you are talking to is at eye level with you. Neither above nor below you, but exactly at eye level. Try it once and see what it does for yourself and others. You will be amazed.


What else does honest and authentic communication with others do, even if it's not always easy?

Above all, it creates closeness to yourself. You begin to trust yourself more, you know that you stand by yourself, and you realize that you are worth something to yourself.

And if you come across more and more of a green branch, then it definitely deepens existing relationships and if not, it's better to find out about it sooner rather than later.

So my appeal: maintain your relationship space. Don't just let him languish like that. Take responsibility for it, but make sure that it is still fun and enjoyable, because love should always be a good thing.

And if you don't get along, get help. There are many people like me out there who work on these levels and who can help you resolve some of the confusion and blockages.

Because relationships - those with you and those with others - are a very big part of life.

So I really hope the information is helpful to you.

I'd be happy if you left me a comment, and as I said, if you need someone to help you with this process, feel free to write to me and we'll find a solution

So that's it for now,

I wish you a lot of love in your life and that you love your life and I hope we see each other very soon,

see you next week with the next love chat

Kisses and see you then

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