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The feeling of finally being home!

Do you often feel lost, restless and searching?

There are many reasons why so many of us often wander on the wrong map and don't feel like we're really at home.

But the real reason in this case is often childhood patterns and injuries from that time. The feeling of being at home has to do with the parents and the situation in childhood. And even if it doesn't sound that exciting, healing from it is extremely important. Because really great things can only grow from a healthy home.

Excitingly, I have discovered that spiritual people in particular tend not to feel at home on earth and in their bodies. They make big leaps and developments, but they need a home so that something can grow from them. Of course, the balance of this is what is really important to keep things going and to stay healthy.

If you want to know more about it, you can read more here: 

The hectic journey through the outside:

Our modern world is often a confusing labyrinth of obligations, expectations and distractions. We rush from one external event to the next as if we were trying to find the exit in a maze. We sometimes forget that our true home is not outside, but deep within us.

The illusion of success and perfection:

We often chase illusions that promise us that we will finally arrive. Be it professional success, social recognition or the perfect appearance - these goals are often like fleeting ghosts that lure us through a never-ending labyrinth. On this path we not only lose ourselves, but also the ability to recognize our true home.

Social standards and expectations:

Social norms and expectations can become invisible walls that prevent us from finding ourselves. We try to conform to other people's standards rather than create our own paths. In this process we often lose the key to our inner home.

The escape from the silence:

Our modern world is often a cacophony of noise, whether from technology, social media or the ever-present hustle and bustle of everyday life. In this noisy world, we sometimes consciously avoid silence because we fear what it might reveal about ourselves. It is precisely the silence that can show us the way to our true home.

Conclusion: Find the way home:

The accompanying program “At home with yourself” begins with awareness of why we often get lost. The journey to ourselves requires courage, self-reflection and the willingness to leave the wrong cards behind us. In the next part we will explore together how we can find the path to our inner home again.

Stay excited for further adventures on the path to yourself! 🗺️🏡

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