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Why poems are still in

The power of poems

Welcome to the world of creative words

Hello, dear readers! Glad you found your way to this little literary oasis. Here, in our cozy blog corner. Let's dive into the world of words together, where poems dance not only on paper but also in our hearts. Look forward to a journey full of emotions, smiles and the occasional pun! 🌟📖

a preview of the book
Poems Collection Souls Interwoven

It will be a little journey through the fascinating world of poems! Today we take the freedom to laugh between the lines and maybe even become a little wiser.

Just outdated literature - or is it more than that?

Scientific aspects

Let's take a look at the scientific side of poems. Research has shown that reading poetry triggers similar brain activity to eating chocolate. Yes, you heard right – poems are the chocolate for your gray cells. They are simply the secret language of the soul. Reading poetry not only stimulates the mind but also promotes emotional intelligence. In short: poems are yoga for the brain.

So when your brain is craving a sweet boost, skip the snack aisle at the supermarket and pick up the book of poems instead!

Emotional aspects

Poems are the rollercoaster of literature. They take you up high, make you go through dizzying curves and maybe even give you a little tingling in your stomach at the end.

Whether love, loss or the deepest thoughts of existence - they hit the heart, they speak the language of the soul. It may happen that one or two tears flow or a laugh escapes. In a world where emotions are sometimes lost in Excel spreadsheets, poems are the artists that remind us that it's okay is to feel.

They lead to a sensual dance between words that whirls our thoughts across the dance floor like nimble dancers. They are the ballerinas of poetry, dancing on tiptoe through our emotions and touching the heart as if they had a direct line to it.

You will be surprised at how humorous, scientific and emotional the universe can be between the lines. Happy reading!


Poems are more than just words on paper; they are windows to our innermost world, mirrors of our dreams and friends in lonely hours. So, when life becomes so complex and chaotic that you can't see your way out, grab a book of poems and let yourself be enchanted by the magic between the lines. Because here, in the world of poetry, we can laugh, cry and embark on a journey that leaves us richer.

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