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Shiatsu has its roots in the thousands of years old treasure of Chinese medicine. In Japan, Shiatsu was refined into a body therapy recognized by the Ministry of Health. The goal of Shiatsu is a balanced organism on a physical, emotional and mental level. This balance is created by applying targeted pressure to the meridian system. Acupuncture points are used in the treatment as well as rotation and stretching techniques. Shiatsu is performed on a mat. (Please wear comfortable clothes) If desired, Shiatsu can also be performed on a chair.

The immediate effect of Shiatsu is...Strengthening of the natural bodily processes: This allows the body to restore its self-healing powers and balance. Both on an organic and muscular basis. Tensions are reduced and weaknesses compensated.

Strengthening regeneration: Shiatsu helps to optimally use one's own physical, mental and spiritual powers for recovery and personal development.

Support of self-awareness: Self-awareness helps to recognize behavior and living conditions and gives you the opportunity to act accordingly.








Shoulder/Neck Treatment relaxed neck ensures more presence, less stress and deeper breathing. Thus  all bodily functions can be work more efficiant.That means more vitality and energy. Neck strains are common in today's culture. The consequences can be manifold. From headaches to bad posture, sensory disorders to carousel thoughts and much more

Treatments currently only in Mexico. If you still want to do something for your meridians, I recommend the Meridianjourney, they will be available from June.

Shiatsu coaching

Would you like to know something about Shiatsu or use it yourself? We organize workshops and retreats where you can learn this great technique yourself.

Duration 1 hour, special feedback

Mainly practical applications, little theory, of course I'm always open to questions. You get direct feedback and feel the effect on your own body.


Ich wusste gar nicht, dass das Fern-Shiatsu funktioniert. Für mich hat. Es sich angefühlt, wie wenn Litsa direkt an mir gearbeitet hätte, ich fühlte, wie meine Rückenmuskeln gelockert und die Wirbel zu vibrieren begannen, mein Körper anfing, mit Energie durchflossen zu werden und meine Nieren und die Blase begannen gut zu arbeiten.
Von Beginn an habe ich mich sehr geborgen und getragen  gefühlt.
Und danach sehr erholt und durchflossen, lebendig. Regeneration und Heilung pur.❤️

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