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About me


My path began almost 20 years ago. It was then that I realized how important and effective it is to spend time in nature, just to be there. Today I would call it meditation. But back then I just sat there and watched how sometimes things from my past were being healed. After some time, I felt the desire to change my career, to work with people. That's how I came across Shiatsu and completed 4 years of training and treated many people.  

Then came a personal crisis and I just couldn't understand why. I was already on my way, so why is my soul plunging me so deeply?

So I kept looking. For solutions, for ways and explanations. In the course of this, I have transformed an enormous amount of my own history and feelings. I have learned other healing techniques and have become aware of my own deep desires and longings. And then I learned techniques to fulfill them and to shape my own life in a self-determined way.

And again and again my decisions are accompanied by uncertainty and jitters. But I now know how the universe works and have found faith. Lo and behold, now I'm in Mexico and I'm self-employed. Despite everything, the connection to my body has always been important to me. I have learned ways to treat meridians without direct contact to strengthen my "being in my body". I live close to nature and am surrounded by lovely people. 

And I wish the same for you. That you know who you are and what you want. That you have hope for your own healing, that you are doing well.   And that you  have a way to fulfill your desires.

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