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The over-instruction of our world

From abundance to loss - effects on trust, wisdom and joy of life

The excess of advice and its influence on trust

The constant flood of advice that comes to us from all corners of the world often feels like an incessant rain flooding our inner garden. Unconsciously, a lack of our own wisdom is planted in us.

In this maelstrom of well-intentioned recommendations, we sometimes lose the ability to to trust ourselves. The flood of outside opinions can cause our own inner voice and even our own personal creative solution to get lost in the noise.

Our trust, once firmly rooted like a mighty tree, begins to falter under the constant bombardment. Any advice, no matter how benevolent, becomes another wave gnawing at the shores of our self-confidence. The trick is to maintain a calm haven of trust in the midst of the storm - a home - despite this abundance of advice

 we sometimes use our own navigation system. But in the silence, far from the storm of advice, we find the compass of our own judgment again - we just have to find the silence first

The female and male energy

To put it simply:

male energy gives

receives feminine energy

Of course we already know that we all have both within us, each in our own unique cocktail.

Every teaching from outside leaves a trace in us, and we really have to learn to distinguish well whether that is exactly what we want to take in. The art is to filter out from this colorful mosaic of advice what you really need and in what quality. But to do this we have to become aware of it and we have to recognize the difference between the male energy of being taught and the female energy of life itself to form yourindividual inner wisdom. We must aim for a goodbalancepay attention to the difference between the two and sometimes allow ourselves to simply not know things.

Liveliness in the shadow of over-instruction:

The constant demand for further, faster, improvement and perfection begins to suffocate our own vitality. The joy of being is overshadowed by an incessant urge for more. We often forget to appreciate the lively, spontaneous and authentic aspects of our existence.

The school system and the burden on career prospects:

This starts in the school system, where the pressure on the students is constantly increasing. The demand for higher performance and constant improvement already starts the vicious circle. This pressure can not only intensify students' overwhelm, but can also impair their enjoyment of learning and their curiosity about their own abilities.

I currently live in Mexico, and yes you can say whatever you want about this country. It is not a first world country. There are sometimes catastrophic conditions here such as pollution and child labor. But in any case, the people here are more lively.

I wonder how you can combine both. How we can get away from students who are already experiencing their first learning burnout without ending up in ignorance and stagnation.

The development when you are at home:

When we allow ourselves to simply be with ourselves, amazing possibilities open up. Confidence in our decisions returns, our inner wisdom begins to whisper again. Aliveness spreads throughout our being. We realize that true home lies within ourselves, and it gives us the strength to live authentically and in harmony with our inner (and then of course outer) nature

The balance between female and male energy:

The feminine energy, representing the intuitive, receptive and nurturing element, plays a crucial role in this healing. In a world that is often full of male energy that often overshoots the mark, we must finally set out to find balance.

I would like to emphasize once again that this is not intended to be an unequal assessment, but rather to draw attention to the fact that we lost the balance a long time ago. Because as great as the knowledge and teaching may be. If there is no feminine energy to absorb it, it simply evaporates into the air.

Let's explore together the path to a balanced, inspired and vibrant life by starting with simply feeling at home with ourselves again. 🌺🌟

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