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Water as the Essence of life

The importance of healthy water and its ingredients

Welcome, dear ones, to a lively dive into the world of healthy water! In this blog article we explore the importance of pure H2O and the vital ingredients that not only quench our thirst, but also contribute significantly to our health. What is more harmful, poisons in the water or the absence of the ingredients?

The source of life:

Water, clear as diamonds and fresh as the morning - it is the source of life. But how important is healthy water actually for our body? Well, it is not only the best thirst quencher, but also the inconspicuous hero that cleanses us from the inside and supplies our cells with vital moisture.

The invisible heroes:

Ingredients such as electrolytes, minerals and trace elements are the invisible heroes of our drinking water. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are not boring chemistry terms - they are the superheroes that strengthen our bones, regulate electrolyte levels and keep our bodies in balance. If there are enough ingredients in the drinking water (which is unfortunately not often the case), the body can filter out any contamination better.

The invisible enemy:

Unfortunately, not all water is a pure source of life. Impurities and pollutants can affect quality and bring unpleasant surprises for our health. The official pollution limits are simply increased as necessary in order to continue to label our water as healthy. And not in any 3rd world country, but here, in Austria.

The optimal water ritual:

I have been concerned with the topic of water for a long time. I have times where I drink water and it doesn't quench my thirst. Something can't be right!

How much water do we actually need? I don't think it makes sense to give a measurement here. Because everyone needs a different amount of water. The recommended daily 2-3 L of water is not suitable for everyone. It is important that the body is well hydrated. And that doesn't just depend on the quantity, but also on the content. So listen to your body and change your drinking water if necessary. You can also add additives such as vitamins and minerals.

Conclusion: Water is life:

Healthy water is not just a drink, but the essence of our being. It provides us with energy, vitalizes our body and is the invisible architect of our well-being. In a world full of beverage trends and exotic wellness drinks, we shouldn't forget that the simplest and most effective source of health often comes straight from the tap.

So, let's raise our glass (preferably filled with fresh water) and toast the importance of H2O - the inconspicuous hero in our daily adventure called life! 🚰✨

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